Cambodia ICT Awards 2015 and ITU 150th Anniversary

Cambodia ICT Award is a prestigious award dedicates to the best ICT achievement among entrepreneurs in Cambodia. It is a benchmark for success in terms of innovation and creativity whilst offering more business and funding opportunities to promote the development of ICT industry in Cambodia which is in-line with Cambodia ICT Master Plan 2020. It also initiates opportunities for local ICT companies to be acknowledged for their projects and innovations at an international level through their participation at Regional and International Award Ceremonies such as the ASEAN ICT Awards. This event will be also participated by the Ambassadors, representatives of Telecom operators, ICT companies, and some students in Cambodia.

This year we celebrate the very first Cambodia ICT Award and it comes at the perfect time as this year (2015) also marks the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of ITU (International Telecommunications Unions) under The theme of “Telecommunications and ICTs: drivers of innovation”. For a century and a half since 1865, ITU has been at the center of advances in communications – from telegraphy through to the modern world of satellites, mobile phones and the Internet. Cambodia has been a member of the ITU since 1952. As a member country, we take great pride and cherish our very fruitful association with the oldest specialized intergovernmental agency for information and telecommunication technologies of the United Nations. In recent years Cambodia has received technical assistance from the Union, which includes policy and regulations framework establishment in telecommunication, USO, Spectrum Management, broadband, licensing and various training among other benefits. We seize this opportunity, in celebration of the ITU’s 150th Anniversary, to pledge our unwavering support to the commendable work of the union in towards enabling, ensuring and enhancing the accessibility, availability and adaptability of telecommunication services at a global level.