Child Online Protection (COP) Challenge in Aswan City – Egypt

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While ITU is celebrating 150 years of achievements in connecting the World, Egypt, who is one of the first countries to join the Union – since 1876- is also celebrating almost 140 Years of commitment towards the Union’s objectives and active participation in its various activities. Among which is the Child Online Protection.
ITU has chosen Youth and Innovation as one of the Themes of its 150 Anniversary celebrations, and Youth are in the heart of the Egyptian national development strategies constituting 40% of the Egyptian population…
Egypt is chairing the ITU council working group on Child Online Protection since its inception in 2010. While efforts on Internet Safety started earlier in Egypt in 2007.
In February 2015, in Aswan, the beautiful city in the south of Egypt, where the river Nile starts, we had our event with Aswan kids, whom we believed they needed us more. About more than 400 miles away from Cairo, Aswan kids celebrated the Safer Internet Day with games “yalla nel-aab – Let’s Play”, games that helped them to better understand how to be safe on the Internet, make the maximum if it and protect themselves from dangers and threats. Kids played and solved quizzes about how to react if they faced certain online threats.
The event was done by both Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Ministry of Education in cooperation with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

• Participating kids had their own song at the end of the day which they made the lyrics and the music for…. This song was one of the creative outputs of the kids to raise awareness of their colleagues about how to use the internet safely

• For the first time kids, were given passports with the “Child online Protection – COP Ambassador” title. They were given the responsibility to disseminate the culture of Internet Safety among their friends and peers.