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A list of events and activities to celebrate ITU’s 150th anniversary in Mongolia :
1. General public awareness on the ITU’s 150th anniversary during ICT EXPO, which is going to be held on 21-25th of May, 2015. This year Mobicom Corporation, a sector member of ITU, is going to sponsor the whole event. Participating companies and organizations will demonstrate leading edge technologies, innovative ICT products and services, and organize series of special events dedicated to encourage digital inclusion and protect critically endangered species through innovative ICT solution. This year’s EXPO differs from previous traditional events by its Mascot of Mazaalai Bear that lives in Gobi Desert of Mongolia.

2. All the publications (official logo, magazines, newspapers, articles etc) will carry ITU 150th Logo and will expose importance of ITU’s role in technological advancement worldwide and ICT development in human life.

3. Whole 5 days’ events will remark ITU’s 150th Anniversary including opening and closing ceremonies, media advertisement and PR activities during events.
4. At the opening and closing ceremony of ICT EXPO, would like to show greetings from ITU and ITU history to the public.

5. Official website of ICT EXPO will disseminate ITU’s 150th Anniversary.

6. Display ITU history and ICT history of Mongolia during ICT EXPO.

Supplementary info: Last year MobiCom Corporation awarded a silver membership of ITU.
As ITU is focusing on a different ICT-related theme each month in 2015, theme of May would be ICT Drivers of Innovation which is highly connected with ICT EXPO theme this year.