ITU publishes ‘whitelist’ of mobile phones

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ITU publishes ‘whitelist’ of mobile phones found compatible with hands-free terminals in cars: New resource to assist consumers in selecting best hands-free performers in vehicles. ITU has published a ‘whitelist’ of mobile phones that are compatible with Bluetooth®-enabled hands-free telephone systems in vehicles. The list will assist consumers and automakers in determining which mobile phones are optimized for high-quality voice conversations in the hands-free environment of vehicles.

The whitelist has been produced at the request of automakers to address the great variance observed in the behaviour of phones when operating within hands-free terminals (HFTs) installed in vehicles. This variance has resulted in automakers dedicating a significant amount of time and money to the testing of mobile phones, producing results that remain valid only until the new software for mobile phones or the next generation of mobile devices come to market.

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