Digital Impact Awards Africa

: 1 May – 20 August 2015

Country: Uganda (Republic of)

Organization : Digital Impact Awards Africa – Cyberplc and HiPipo

Description: The Digital Impact Awards, a research driven project with conference and awards events are the brainchild of Cyberplc Limited and HiPipo (U) Limited with the mission to promote innovations and best practices that will deliver maximum digital dividends. The project covers products, services and platforms including web, mobile, social and financial services that will fuel further uptake of Internet, telecommunications and computer networks. Through research, conference and awards, the project will bring to light innovations and best practices ranging from user interface design to cybersecurity in Uganda,the East African Community and Africa at large.

The Digital Impact Awards project will champion innovation and application of best practice to foster sustainability of digital innovations, products and services that will deliver maximum digital dividends across Africa. The project will:

Hold a conference to enable key stakeholders to share ideas on innovation and best practices including for cybersecurity, e-services(health, education, government), financial services, social media, Big Data, Internet of Things and digital enabled communications;
Conduct ongoing research on digital innovations and best practices and publish the results on several platforms such as the project website and magazine and ;
Discover, promote, encourage and reward innovations and application of best practice for sustainable cyberspace driven products, services and platforms that are destined to deliver maximum digital dividends.

Partners: Cyberplc, NITA-U, HiPipo, Global Networks Limited, AdBank, Decent Africa, Uptime Solutions